The #1 question that most women have about their hair is how to stop FRIZZ!! Drying your hair is the most overlooked step in your hair care regimen. Great care must be taken to gently dry your hair or real damage can occur no matter what expensive products are used.

At Hair RePear we understand the struggles that women face daily. We searched worldwide to find the perfect fabric to make the Ultimate Hair Towel to combat frizz. After many months we succeeded in finding the finest premium quality 100% Cotton Interlock Fabric available right here in the USA.

However, the perfect hair towel does not end with the fabric alone. The Ultimate Hair Towel by Hair RePear is designed to be large enough for wrapping, plopping and scrunching. We at Hair RePear feel we can offer everyone the chance to end their hair frustrations with the Ultimate Hair Towel.



 The Ultimate Hair Towel by Hair Repear– Mission Statement

To educate people all over the world on how damaging terry cloth and microfiber hair towels are on their hair and discover that The Ultimate Hair Towel is the solution to their hair frustrations.