Over the years I have grown more and more frustrated with my frizzy hair that breaks easily, and is not smooth. I tried dozens of products trying to find a solution and nothing seemed to work. So I did some research and found the hair towel I was using was the problem! Terry cloth and microfiber loops and grooves become aggressors to the hair cuticles roughing it up and removing too much moisture. This causes flyaways, breaks and dreaded frizz! 

The solution to the problem was to use a t-shirt because the smooth fabric does not frizz and break the hair. I tried that for a while and was surprised at how soft, smooth and frizz free my hair became. The problem with using a t-shirt was that it was not that absorbent, not big enough to cover all my hair, and the seams, pockets and designs found on some of the shirts were not smooth on my hair.

More searches to find a better solution turned up nothing so I just decided to make my own! I experimented for months with different fabrics and textures and soon found the perfect weight, thickness, texture and size to create the Ultimate Hair towel! I found fabric that is super soft and smooth made of 100% premium combed cotton. This fabric will not cause damage like terry cloth and microfiber towels. It is large enough to scrunch, wrap or even plop. I, also, added an elastic band so the Ultimate Hair Towel stays in place allowing you to save time while you get ready.

Once I told a few friends and family what I was up to I started getting requests for more Hair RePear towels. This has now turned into a full scale business and the response is overwhelmingly positive!

Today my goal is not to solve my own hair issues. Today my goal is to educate people all over the world on how damaging terry cloth and microfiber hair towels are on their hair and discover that Hair RePear the Ultimate T-shirt hair towel is the solution to their hair frustrations.